Natural Skin Solutions: Dark Eye Bag 30ml

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Results may vary depending on each individual


Natural Skin Solution - Dark Eye Bag

Now there’s a unique original skin solution which could support the appearance of dark and puffy eyes. Dark Eye Bag contains an untreated active formula which may have the effect of making your eyes look, smoother, brighter and refreshed.

  • Dark-Eye-Bag Natural Skin Solution smooths the appearance of creased and puffy skin, evens the natural skin tone and re-hydrates deep inside skin’s tissue.
  • Harnesses natural active ingredients that are gentle and sensitive to the delicate skin surrounding your eyes.
  • It contains an antioxidant which can support the ageing process.
  • Visible results may be seen in as little as 1 -2 weeks of regular use.  (Results may vary depending on each individual)

We have harnessed Vitamins A and E, whose properties may assist in rejuvenating skin cells and with UV filters which will protect cells from additional harm by eradicating the free radicals produced by UVB sun rays which can cause wrinkling of the skin.

Two sunscreens have been added to Dark Eye Bag Natural Skin Solution (Uvinil M40 and Parsol MCX) to help support ageing process. 

In addition, Biowhite has been added which assists in diminishing dark circles and smoothing skin tone.


Vitamin A

Vitamin E (a Tocopherol). 

Uvinul M40 = Eusolex 4360 (2-Hydroxy-4-Methoxybenzophenone)  UVA and UVB Filter

Parsol MCX = Eusolex 2292 (Octyl Methoxycinnamate) UVB Filter


Helps Balance the Skin's Natural Tone

Plant extracts, such as Arnica, Clary Sage and Aloe Vera are soothing and balance out skin tone. 

Aloe Vera Extract

Arnica Extract 

Clary Sage Extract

This product contains humectants and non-greasy moisturizers, for instance, Coconut Oil, Glycerine, and D-Panthenol. D-Panthenol is a moisturizer which penetrates the skin deeply, stimulating cell production.  Coconut Oil facilitates increasing skin tone and elasticity.


For optimum results, apply Dark Eye Bag Natural Skin Solution with the tips of your fingers to the areas which require treatment, twice a day. Ensure you do not rub or pull fragile skin surrounding your eyes.

results may vary depending on the individual