Folligro : Biospray Hair Booster For Men & Women 60ml (1 months supply)

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Results may vary depending on each individual

Biospray Hair Booster For Men & Women 60ml (1 months supply)
Super charge the effect and accelerate hair re-growth - Promotes Fuller, Healthier Hair

Directions For Use
For men and women, How to achieve the best results : Spray 1-3 complete actions under tongue and swallow. Repeat twice daily prefably once in the morning and then again in the evening. It is recommended that one Folligro capsule should be taken once a day in conjunction with Folligro Biospray. They should be used for minimum of six months and can be continued indefinitely for maintenance.

NB: For males the Biospray is essential to be used in conjunction with the capsules because of the bodies natural higher levels of testosterone compared to females. So to achieve optimum results we recommend you use these daily together.


Vitamin E  (Alpha Tocopherol)  1.5 IU
Niacin   5.9 mg
Zinc Gluconate  895mcg
Beta-Sitaterol   2 mg

Other Ingredients:

Water, Fructose, Hydroxylated lecithin, Polysurbate 60, Natural flavour, Citric acid, Potassium surbate


results may vary depending on the individual