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Results may vary depending on each individual

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Folligro Formula (For Women & Men) - 180 x One-a-Day Capsules = 6 month's supply

Significant breakthrough in hair thinning and hair loss

Hair loss for a woman can be devastating. It is widely assumed that it is a condition that affects only men, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although more men are likely to 'inherit' baldness or thinning hair, literally millions of women the world over suffer from some form of hair loss and according to statistics, the number seems to be increasing each year.

The overwhelming cause is a hereditary condition called androgenetic alopecia or female-pattern hair loss. All women have some of the male hormone testosterone in their bodies, but women with androgenetic alopecia are more sensitive to the hormone. This sensitivity causes hair to thin all over the head, or in some cases, thinning patches.

Sudden hair loss can be one of the most traumatic experiences a woman can go through in her life, with damaging effects on her relationships, careers and self-esteem. Sufferers become desperate and are often willing to try anything to disguise their condition.

Sadly, until recently, there hasn't really been an effective non-surgical treatment available, which is why many sufferers have turned to treatments such as transplants, implants, or even surgical 'suturing' which are not only expensive, but in the case of implants and suturing can cause infection, scars and abscess of the scalp. Thankfully however, there is now a new product available in the UK which has had remarkable results in clinical trials- Folligro Formula 

The Folligro Formula Natural Hair Rejuvenation Programme


It is very important that the directions given here in the User Guide to the Folligro Formula Natural Hair Rejuvenation Programme are followed completely. If the products are used erratically or on an occasional basis the carefully formulated ingredients will be unable to work together to achieve satisfactory results. You cannot miss and catch up later and expect the best results. Only by following this User Guide carefully will you enjoy a healthy scalp with beautiful, strong hair.

For Women and Men

Recommended usage: One Folligro Formula capsule to be taken every day with the first meal. 

Folligro Formula Natural Hair Rejuvenation Capsules ingredients:

Serving size: 1 capsule (Vegetarian Capsules- Gelatin Free )

  • Calcium D Pantothenate 10.4 mg.
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 1.575mg.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 10.25 mg.
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 2.0 mg.
  • Vitamin B7 (Biotin) 20mcg
  • Folic Acid 95 mcg.
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract 260 mg.



Dr. Annikki Hagros - Helsinki Univeristy's Trichological Institute

"I was astounded at how quickly hair started to grow back on bald patches"

The Folligro Formula is a natural herbal based remedy containing fenugreek. It was discovered accidentally by a German who used his grandmother's herbal home remedy to treat his bronchitis and chronic chest infection. He took the concoction over a period of six months and noticed that he was starting to grow hair on previously bald patches on his head. Fortunately his brother was a doctor and immediately recognised its potential.

"It was quite an amazing discovery," said Dr. Annikki Hagros a scientist at Helsinki University's Trichological Institute. "I was quite sceptical at first because there are so many so-called cures for hair loss that don't work."

"But I carried out a trial last year and was astounded at how quickly hair started to grow back on bald patches."


Further testimonies continued to confirm the Folligro Formula's success. Finnish model and beauty queen, Anneli Bjorkingin suffered devastating side effects whilst taking cortisone injections to help her asthma, "I started to lose my hair, not just the odd strand, but large bunches at an alarming rate".

In desperation she tried numerous hair loss products but none of them helped. Then a colleague told her about the Folligro Formula. Anneli was willing to try anything and started using the Folligro Formula straight away.

"Losing your hair is really distressing". It was agonising to wait and see if my hair would grow back?"

In a matter of months, her hair loss had stopped and Anneli's hairdresser noticed a marked change in her hair. "Not only had the hair loss stopped, but it was growing back thicker than before". In under a year, her hair was in better condition than it had been before her illness.

"Losing your hair is really distressing, especially in my profession. My hair doesn't grow quickly and it was agonising to wait and see if my hair would grow back. I was so relieved when it did.

Further clinical trials have resulted in an 80% success rate. Gary Gordon, MD, DO, MD (H), President of the International College of Advanced Longevity concluded.

"This product has been clinically proven to be exceptionally effective in stopping hair loss and balding in both men and women while creating new growth. If you have experienced excessive thinning and would like to grow back new and full healthy hair, I strongly recommend that you get started.

FAQs - frequently asked questions

1.Will it work for me?
Yes.The Folligro Formula will work for everyone although people who have existing medical conditions may find results slower in coming.

2. Who should not take it?
As a natural based product it is suitable for everyone. However, pregnant or lactating women should not take the Folligro Formula before checking with their doctor.

3. What are the possible side effects?
The main ingredient is Fenugreek, which has been taken for centuries. Like all vitamins and supplements some people have allergies and some could experience slight discomfort in the early stages of the programme. There are no side effects from using the topical products - shampoo, scalp cleanser or tincture.

4. Is it suitable for all hair types?

5. How soon will it work for me?
Some users have seen an improvement within three months but usually it takes at least four or five months to start to show some visible signs of improved or new hair. After six months of continued usage following the directions a marked improvement should be obvious.

6. If I increase the dose will it work faster?
Yes but it is not necessary, the recommended dosage should be sufficient.

7. What happens if I stop taking it?
Your hair reverts to its normal growth pattern.

8. What will my new hair look like?
After six months your hair will look and feel much more healthy, fuller and richer.

9. Will it stop existing hair falling out?
Yes. Some people experience extra shedding in the early stages of the programme due to the cleansing action on the scalp. This is highly beneficial as it encourages more hair follicles to grow.

10. Do I need to use it forever?
Yes but once successful, a lower maintenance dosage only will be required.

11. What is the success rate?
Further clinical trials have resulted in an 80% success rate.

13. Will it grow hair on other parts of my body?
No. The Folligro Formula works by correcting the imbalance of DHT that leads to hair thinning and loss on the scalp; it does not stimulate hair growth in other parts of the body.

14. Why is the Folligro Formula better than all the others on the market?
The Folligro Formula is a natural herbal hair rejuvenation programme which stimulates the hair growth cycle. This makes it unique to other products in the market place. It has been clinically examined by hair research specialists in Finland which have resulted in an 80% success rate. The Folligro Formula has been sold for over 10 years, in over 21 Countries including the US and Canada and provides a real tried and tested solution for thinning hair and hair loss.

results may vary depending on the individual