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Results may vary depending on each individual

Let your lips speak volumes

Gives a gentle, tingling feeling on your lips via a clear gel which delivers a fresh cooling feeling, but no painful severe stinging or burning which tends to be linked with other lip plumpers on the market. With regular applications of Transformulas® Lip Volume noticeable results may be seen, including increased volume and increased smoothness.

  • May increase the size of your lips

  • Stimulates the production of Collagen

  • Plumper looking lips

  • Fine lines appear reduced  

  • Deep hydration

  • Defined and contoured lips

  • Soft and seductive sensation

  • Suitable for both males and females

  • Semi-permanent results

  • Magazine award winner

Voted the best lip volumiser by British 'Now' Magazine 

Awarded #1 lip plumping product by British 'Prima' magazine 

Usually only sold in salons.

A Semi-Permanent - Not Temporary Treatment

Awarded the best lip volumiser by 'Now' Magazine

Voted number one on the market by 'Prima' magazine

Usually only sold in salons.


results may vary depending on the individual