miniKINI: MiniKINI Colour - Organic colour for pubic hair - Blondes or Brown

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Model: TG-1200
Selected Colour: Dark Blonde

Results may vary depending on each individual

MINIKINI Colour is a gentle Organic formulation that has at last come to the rescue.

MINIKINI Colour will not only cover grey hair but  this easy to use gel colour also enables women to match their hair below to their hair on top. So a natural brunette who has coloured their hair blonde can now be blonde down below. It is also suitable for men who wish to colour their beards, moustache or chest hair. So women and men of all ages can now have matching collars & cuffs.

Normal hair colour would be too harsh to use in this sensitive area.

There are 6 natural colours in the range; Copper,  Red, Dark Blonde, Dark brown, Golden Blonde and Super Blonde, plus some 'fun' colours.

miniKINI F.A.Qs.

How long will it last?
As it is permanent and grows out it will last 6-8 weeks.

If I go blonde and want to go back dark how long should I wait to do it?
We recommend you wait at least 2 weeks.

Is it safe to use in such a sensitive area?
Yes. We have developed a special formula to colour the pubic hair. It’s non-drip and safe as long as you follow the instructions. Remember minikini is for external use only.

Why can’t I just use conventional hair colour off-the-shelf?
These are not recommended because they can be very harsh in such a sensitive area.

Will it rub off on my underwear?
No. Minikini will not rub off on underwear or other clothing  Nor will it rub off with physical activity.

Can men use it, too?
Yes. We have found many men want to cover their grey down there as well as there chest hair.

Will I get any staining on the skin like I do with normal colour?
All colour has a tendency to stain the skin to some degree especially on the darker colours. How ever we found with Minikini if staining occurs it is very light. It is recommend to use a barrier cream (such as Vaseline) around the area to be coloured. i.e. inner thighs and bikini line.

Any light staining that may occur can be removed easily with a mild astringent.

miniKINI customers testimonials

I’m a natural dark brunette although my hair now is 75 percent grey. I have my hair regularly tinted golden blonde with high lights. I decided to try minikini golden blonde to cover my grey hair down below and was very surprised by the result. Not only did it give me a great match to my hair colour, it made me look so much younger. Thank you minikini.
Angela 56 Toddington Beds

I’m very fair naturally and at the moment my hair colour is dark brunette. When I have my bikini line waxed I have a brazilian. I tried minikini dark brown to emphasise the shape and it looks good. Cool
Abbie 24 Barton le clay Beds

My hair is ash blonde naturally and l have gone golden blonde. So I gave minikini golden blonde a try.  Love the new look. Nice and easy to use. Really pleased.
Nikki 28 Perth in Australia

Naturally a brunette. My hair my hair is now red. Used minikini red. Lovely dark red colour. Love it and will continue to use it.
Fay 35 Milton Keynes Bucks

I have coloured my hair a light blonde for about 10 years now. I’m naturally a dark brunette. I was really pleased to hear about minikini and gave minikini super blonde a try. Really great result.  My collars and cuffs match now. I will definitely recommend minikini to my friends
Pat 40 Brackley Northants

results may vary depending on the individual