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Breast Enlargement: Natural Solutions versus Surgery – Who Wins?

It is almost guaranteed that when asked if they are completely happy with their body, the majority of women will say ‘no’. Although a sad fact of modern society, many women will admit to wanting to loose weight, some to gain it. Others want larger lips, a straighter nose and some want to gain a few inches in height. But the leading hang-up amongst women of the Twenty-first Century concerns what all women have in common. Breasts.

Small breasts, for many women, make them feel undesirable or unattractive. Lacking confidence in their own body image, some women go under the knife in order to obtain, in their eyes, the perfect chest. If you are one of the many women concerned about the size and feel of their breasts, think hard before opting for breast surgery. Perhaps the most obviously question to ask before committing yourself to surgery is ‘why’? Many women choose surgery too quickly and for the wrong reasons. Going under the knife for the sake of others or to solve buried physiological problems will inevitably result in regret. Discuss your concerns with your doctor and/or a qualified breast surgeon before making a dedicated decision.

Breast augmentation surgery is a life-changing and permanent decision to be made with all positive and negative effects taken into consideration. Instead of surgery, other alternative methods are now available that avoid the expense and risky physical side-effects major surgery can cause. The alternative to surgery is natural breast enhancements, in a pill of cream form.

So which is better, breast surgery or natural breast enhancements? Below are both the positives and negatives association with both sides of the balance:

Breast Augmentation surgery can dramatically and immediately enlarge breasts and change the shape to satisfy the patients needs. There is no other way to create this dramatic amount of change. Advances in material and surgery methods mean that the most natural (or most unnatural, dependent on the look you want to achieve) effect can be created in a matter of hours. Although replacement surgery will be needed to maintain the safety and look of implants, the procedure is a permanent method to enlarge breasts.

With thousands of breast enlargements taking place every year, you will be safe in the knowledge that the operation has been performed many times and with pleasing results.

However, there are down sides to breast enlargement surgery. Although implants can be removed, scars or a sagging effect can be left and reconstruction can be pricey, therefore if the patient has a change of heart the chances or completely reversing the surgery without any signs of it is low. Similarly, any surgery is expensive and cost far more than any natural breast enhancers. Finally, everyone has heard of surgery horror stories; with any surgery, breast or otherwise, there is always a risk it may go wrong. To avoid this as much as possible do your research. Take your time to sort out a good, reputable and qualified surgeon and make sure you have all your questions answered by them. Make the effort to contact and past patients to see if they were satisfied with the results.

Natural Breast Enhancements offer a less expensive and far less invasive method to change the size of breasts. Many women claim that breast enhancements do indeed create a larger and fuller chest, but the claims are not proven in clinical trials. However some contain oestrogen-like elements that may very well affect breast size, although research is still on going. Costing just a fraction of breast enlargement surgery, breast enhancers are a more affordable method to enlarge breasts.

It must be noted, however, that the FDA does not regulate them as they are classed as supplements rather than medication, therefore make sure you do your research on the ingredients of your chosen enhancer. Consult your doctor to ensure any ingredients do not react with any current medication you may be taking.

Along with result success being unconfirmed, natural breast enhancements, according to manufactures, must be used over a period of months in order to see any beneficial results. Thus, results are far less immediate and dramatic than results produced from surgery. Enhancers require patience and time in order to be successful.

The arguments for both are thus full of both positives and negatives, and it seems that neither one is the ‘right’ choice. Instead, it is up to the individual to decide which path is appropriate, safe and most necessary for them

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